The 100 Club is a volunteer membership organization managed by a board of directors elected by the members. Support is provided to Law enforcement, Fire, EMS and Corrections in Lamar County to dependent families of a public servant “killed in the line of duty.” The fallen officer will collect benefits from the entity they work for, however we provide a first check of $10,000 immediately to the family as soon as possible.

Statement from Chief Hundley:

In 2016, the state of Texas led the nation in officer deaths, 19.  California was second with 11.  Texas is usually in one of the top three positions each year for the last 6 years.  We share these top three spots with California and New York.  In the first three months of 2017, we have already lost 33 officers due to criminal acts and accidents.

Losing anyone to an untimely death is tragic, but our public servants, including fire and EMS personnel are on the front lines to provide as much protection to our citizens as possible. These men and women face those who would do them harm and return every day, every shift to do their duty again.

I can think of no finer show of support for our 1st Responders then to provide assurance to them that we will take care of the family they leave behind daily if and when they are not going to return.   I’ve made my contribution and I hope you will consider doing the same. Provide these men and women the peace of mind that we have their backs when it comes to their families.


Give a  little for those Who Gave it All.